Summer 2013:  Click on link for more details about past study abroad programs to Paris with Dr. Suzanne LaLonde. 

Intensive language & culture summer programs to Paris and the Loire River Valley--'07, '08, '09, '10, '11, & '13

"Paris and Its Revolutionary Ideas" Book by Suzanne LaLonde, under contract with Cognella Academic Press

Taking its cue from the French historian Pierre Nora’s notion that memory attaches itself to sites, whereas history attaches itself to events, this book explores revolutionary ideas encapsulated in cultural sites in Paris, such that places serve as mnemonic devices. Just as societies build concrete memorials to recall the past, the polemical essays of this text explore sites such as the Louvre, the Panthéon, and the Pompidou Museum in order to locate both insurgent notions as well as historical events that gave birth to democratic ideals. Furthermore, these cultural sites, events, and radical ideas are brought to life by studying evocative art and literature, thus provoking a “sense memory”, a phenomenological way to engage in history, as the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur argues. For example, the polemical essays are embellished by first-hand narratives from intimate literature, such as diaries, essays, and chronicles, which are often replete with emotionally raw transmissions of events and era.  This focus on narratives (as opposed to academic summaries of history) finds resonance in the French psychologist Pierre Janet’s notion that the fundamental mnemonic act is narration. Finally, it is within the context of cultural sites, art, and first-hand narratives that readers are encouraged to build their own museum and library of the mind. 


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