·  An Alchemy of the Mind: Trauma, Post-traumatic Growth, and the Literary Arts with Routledge Publishing, peer-reviewed, due 05/20

·  Paris and It’s Revolutionary Ideas with Cognella Academic Press, peer-reviewed, due 06/19 


·Peer reviewed chapter for:Albert Camus’s the Plague and U.S. MedicineThe Plague and Dr. Rieux’s Metaphysical and Narrative Chronicle,” Kent State Univ. Press, forthcoming spring ‘19 

·Invited and peer-reviewed chapter for Cambridge Critical Concepts: Trauma and Literature, “Post-Traumatic Growth” (In Relation to Therapies from the Literary Arts and Literary Imagination) Cambridge University Press, 02/18.  


·Article in Health Tomorrow Journal: Inter-disciplinarity and Internationality “Decolonizing Trauma Studies: Traumatized Children & Post-Traumatic Growth in the Francophone Post-Colonial Literature of Le Clézio and Kourouma” 05/18

·Article in Multicultural Cervantes” in Open Cultural Studies Journal “Don Quixote’s Quixotic Trauma Therapy: A Reassessment of Cervantes’s Novel and Trauma Studies” 11/17

·Article in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts Journal “The Construction of a Conscious Mind in Haruki Murakami’s ‘A Shinagawa Monkey’” 04/15

·Article in Trespassing Journal, Trespassing Medicine “Trauma, Pseudo-dementia, and Magical Realism in Haruki Murakami’s Imaginative World” 12/14

·Article in The Journal of Literature and Medicine “Global Mental Health and Environmental Trauma in J.M.G. Le Clézio’s Desert” 12/13

·Article in Psyart: Journal for the Psychological Study Of the Arts “Mapping the Boundaries of Melancholy & Depression through Psychoanalysis & Intimate Literature” 06/13

·  Article in Simone de Beauvoir Studies: La femme rompue est rompue; elle n’est pas détruite” Volume 27, spring ‘11 (print & digitized)

·  Article in Simone de Beauvoir Studies: “Une perspective psychanalytique de La femme rompue et le journal intime comme genre” Volume 25, spring ‘09 (print & digitized)

·  Article in Simone de Beauvoir Studies:“Le deuxième sexe dans l’ère post-féministe et anti-féministe Volume 24, spring ‘08 (print & digitized)


·  Article in the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana UNAM’s Casa del Tiempo “Una perspectiva psicoanalítica de Nubosidad variable de C.M. Gaite” 05/10  

·  Letter to the Editor in the Modern Language Association Newsletter Winter ‘06

 At McDonald Observatory in West Texas


  • PAMLA Conference–11/16, Pasadena, CA. Postcolonial Literature Session Talk: “A Decolonization of the Mind: New Paradigms of Development in Le Clézio’s Literature”
  • PAMLA Conference–11/16, Pasadena, CA. Eco-criticism Session Chair: “Teaching for the Post-Anthropocene”
  • UTRGV Bioethics Conference “Reimagining American Healthcare”–2/16, Edinburg, TX. Spanish Panel Chair: “La salud reproductiva: un derecho humano”
  • Modern Language Association Convention01/13, Boston, MA. Global Health and World Literature Session Talk: “Human and Environmental Trauma in J.M.G. Le Clézio’s Desert
  • Modern Language Association Annual Convention01/12, Seattle, WA. Special Session Chair and Organizer: “The Environment, Trauma, and Contemporary Fiction”
  • Modern Language Association Convention01/12, Seattle, WA. Francophone Literature Session Talk: “Le Clézio’s Colonial and Post-colonial Portraits of Women in Nature”
  • Modern Language Association Convention01/11, L.A., CA. Talk: “La femme rompue est rompue, elle n’est pas détruite
  • Houston Psychoanalytic Association Meeting—11/09. Invited speaker with honorarium. “Mapping the Boundaries between Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and Intimate Literature”
  • Modern Language Association Convention12/08, S.F., CA. Talk: “Une perspective psychanalytique de La femme rompue et le journal intime
  • Modern Language Association Convention–12/07, Chicago, IL. 19th Century French Literature Talk: “La psychologie du darwinisme et la métamorphose de l’autoportrait au 19ème siècle” 
  • Modern Language Association Convention12/06, Philadelphia, PA. Talk: “Le deuxième sexe dans l’ère post-féministe, voire anti-féministe
  • Modern Language Association Convention–12/05, Washington, D.C. Talk: “La bataille pour l’âme de la femme: Simone de Beauvoir, qu’en dirait-elle?”


  • Participated in Columbia University’s School of Medicine Introduction and Advanced Narrative Medicine workshops, April and June ‘16.
  • Participated in Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine's Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities Medical Improv workshop, June ‘16
  • Presented workshops to pre-med students: “Reflective Writing in Medicine and Literature” and “Narratives of Illness” offered at UTB, 07/14 and 7/15.
  • Participated in the National Endowment for the Humanities training in Latin American Philosophy at the University of Texas-Pan American, ‘06-‘07

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